A trailer from the conferences in Oslo and Trondheim. 

Dear Colleagues,

Welcome to Norway! We are so excited that you have joined your colleagues in this momentous occasion. This conference is titled Inherent Dignity, Equality and Rights, to mark the past work and future directions for services and supports for persons with intellectual disabilities around the world. So much has been attained in the legal and rights movement, especially with the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. But you will hear from your colleagues how so much more needs to be done in this regard. Also, we have made gains in our efforts related to community living. But more needs to be done.

We are so pleased with the slate of speakers for this conference. Our plenary speakers represent perspectives and work from around the globe. They have been on the forefront of many of the worldwide initiatives in intellectual disabilities, and you have a great opportunity to hear them speak about the next generation of work we will have. In addition, our breakout session speakers are remarkable. We again have presenters from many countries who will share their experiences, research and perspectives on issues for people with intellectual disabilities.

There is much to learn at this conference. And there will be much to do after this conference. Be sure to connect with your colleagues from across the world, and learn about new ideas in your field. And be sure to enjoy all that Norway has to offer.


Karl Elling Ellingsen and Brent Askvig
Conference Co-Chairs

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Picture of a boy at school © NAKU

Keynote speaker Dr. Ruth Luckasson

Picture of Ruth Luckassen © PrivateDistinguished Professor, at Department of Educational Specialties.

Keynote speaker Dr. Michael Wehmayer

Picture of Michael Wehmayer © PrivateSenior Scientist and Associate Director at University of Kansas

Keynote speaker Dr. Julie Beadle-Brown

Picture of Julie Beadle-Brown © PrivateReader in Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities at Kent University.

Keynote speaker Dr. Jan Tøssebro

Picture of Jan Tøssebro © PrivateProfessor at NTNU Social Research in Trondheim.

Keynote speaker Dr. Amy Hewitt

Picture of Amy Hewitt © PrivateSenior Research Associate, Director at Minnesota LEND

Keynote speaker Oliver Lewis

Picture of Oliver Lewis © PrivateExecutive Director of the Mental Disability Advocay Center.